Kat Kerr Robin Bullock Greek Isles Cruise

This cruise has been canceled!


Hi everyone,

         With great disappointment, we have to announce that we’ve had to cancel all the cruises for 2022. The cruise line has notified me that they will not be lifting the vaccine mandate for any of the cruises booked in 2022. The cruise lines are following the CDC’s recommendation for all travelers ages 2 and older to be fully vaccinated. For those of you that were already booked on any of our 2022 cruises, rest assured that all guests will be refunded.

         As your conference host, we at Heavenly Cruises have taken a stance to not let our guests be discriminated against, forced, pressured, or coerced into vaccinations just to go on a cruise. Whether you have been vaccinated or not, we want all our guests to feel welcome and free to live according to their own free will without a corporation or government telling you otherwise. These are not ordinary times, but Heavenly Cruises will continue to fight for your travel freedoms concerning mandatory vaccines. We would rather cancel the entire conference before any of our guests are bullied into forced vaccinations.

         All of our guest speakers feel the same way and stand firm with you on this issue: Kat Kerr, Donna Rigney, Dr. Manuel Johnson, Robin D. Bullock, Steve Swanson, and Roy Fields. We will not cower to the spirit of fear. We put our faith in Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, and declare with a loud voice that the Lord our God is above all.

        We know that the Lord has declared that He has a mandate for each of these ministry cruises. His directive, commission, and authority are His alone. The Lord wants to complete what He has prophesied over the nations. He will be “mending things in nations, taking down strongholds, and dealing with the pillars of nations.” Please pray and ask the Lord if He would have you join us in prayer in this hour. 

         Heavenly Cruises has been blessed to host revelatory, prophetic, and apostolic ministry conferences over the last 14 years, with some of the most wonderful
Speakers and people from all over the world. We love each and every one of you!

          There have many prophetic words over this ministry, that even during this dark hour of the moment, the Lord will expose the darkness and shine His light on the Truth, He will restore what the enemy has stolen, and mint His promises to grow the ministry outreach to a larger scale in the coming years! So when God reopens the door to cruise again, we will notify all of you!!!

Your Host,

Pastor Michael & Sharon

          Heavenly Cruises works independently of the cruise lines to host revelatory, prophetic, and apostolic ministry conferences in various cruise destinations around the world aboard the regularly scheduled cruise line itineraries. While the Heavenly Cruises conference meetings have been canceled for 2022, however, the cruise ships will continue their normal schedule unchanged with their own passenger list. 

For booking questions


Be sure to book through Heavenly Cruises. This event is exclusive to those who book in advance through Heavenly Cruises. Booking through a secondary travel agent on the same cruise ship will not permit you entrance to any event meetings.

call pastor sharon: 209-588-9565